Does an athlete even need liposuction? The society is often cynical when they hear a person goes for liposuction. Why don’t you just work-out? Why are you so lazy? These are often the questions asked. But, it is not as simple as it seems. Maintaining a slim body and getting the ideal body shape has a lot to do with genetics! Therefore, if your father is like King Kong and your mother is like gorilla, please do not expect yourself to have a body like Kendall Jenner‘s! Likewise, the greatest misconception about liposuction is that it is a procedure for overweight and obese people. No, it is not! Liposuction is a sculpting tool for someone who is already within his or her ideal range of weight!

This young multi-sports athlete who is a kungfu master, a tai chi master, as well as an avid surfer in her mid-30s realizes that no matter how hard she works out, she can never have a lean and toned body. Since young, she has been hiding underneath over-sized Bruce Lee’s outfit. Finally, she decides that enough is enough! She has to wear Shanghai dress at least once before she grows old. She flies to the King of Liposuction: Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie. She does not actually fly. Her kungfu skill has not reached that stage yet. She takes a flight to Medan to look for Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for abdominal liposuction, jowls and neck/double chin liposuction, as well as autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation.

Video 1: Pre-operative whole body assessment.

Video 2: Pre-operative marking.

Video 3: Pre-operative breasts.

Video 4: Pubic fat liposuction.

Video 5: Completion of fat injection into left breast.

Video 6: Completion of left-sided abdominal liposuction.

Video 7: Completion of fat injection into both breasts.

Video 8: Completion of abdominal liposuction.


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