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This young Singaporean mother of 2 kids went to Taipei for autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation twice, during both sessions fat was harvested from her lower buttocks. There was uneven and over-aspiration of fat in her lower buttocks resulting in not only sunken lower buttocks, but also make the entire buttocks droop and sag down! She went back to Taipei 3 times to get corrective surgeries done to address the complication, but did not get the result she wanted. She finally comes to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie to address the problem. She also gets arms liposuction done at the same time. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie refuses to perform autologous fat grafting to her breasts until she goes for imaging studies to find out the nature of the huge lump in her left breast after her autologous fat grafting to breasts in Taipei.

This case illustrates again the importance of getting 3-dimensional liposuction done. The hips are connected with buttocks, which are connected with saddle bags, which are connected with outer thighs, which are connected with frontal and back of thighs, which are connected with inner thighs and knees. Therefore, it is impossible to perform liposuction on just one area without causing that entire area to cave in! As one can view in the videos below, she now has sunken and sagging lower buttocks and bulging hips above, bulging frontal thighs in front, and bulging saddle bags below those hollowed  and sagging lower buttocks! What an ugly sight when she wears swimsuit! One has to learn from this case study and the many case studies which we have published thus far, that to achieve a smooth surface, 3-dimensional liposuction has to be performed!

She subsequently returns to complain and get more things done.

This is a list of her case studies:

Session 1:

Patient No. 481, Session 1: Result of botched lower buttocks liposuction in Taipei resulting in drooping and sagging buttocks

Patient No. 481, Session 1: Autologous fat grafting to buttocks to correct botched buttocks liposuction

Patient No. 481, Session 1: Arms liposuction on a slim woman: A Masterpiece!

Session 2:

Patient No. 481: You call the result of this arms liposuction your masterpiece? Damn you! I want a refund!

Patient No. 481: Result of autologous fat grafting to buttocks to correct botched liposuction in Taipei, 6 months later

Patient No. 481, Session 2: Touch-up upper back liposuction and autologous fat grafting to buttocks

Video 1: Botched buttocks liposuction resulting in sunken and sagging buttocks.

Video 2: Another angle to show botched lower buttocks liposuction.


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