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This Asian American woman in her mid-50s had 3 sessions of whole body liposuction surgeries performed by 3 different plastic surgeons within the last 2 years, before coming to Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie for revision liposuction.  Her first 2 surgeries, arms liposuction and thighs liposuction, were performed by plastic surgeons in Michigan and Ohio. She did not like the result of her arms liposuction at all as she believed that there was still plenty of fat which could have been aspirated. But when she went back to see her surgeon, he assured her that there was no more fat to be aspirated. He even said that she needed to gain at least 10 lbs in order for him to be able to perform liposuction on her arms, as they only consisted of muscles, with absolutely no fat! Ah, well……..

As the results of her previous 2 liposuction were awful, when she wanted to get her abdomen done, she decided to fly from Ohio, where she lives, to Bangkok, the capital of cheap cosmetic surgeries in Asia. As a matter of fact, she made that decision because she was drawn to the much cheaper surgery fees in Bangkok compared to in Medan! This happened a year ago. The result was disastrous! She actually read about Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie on the internet and has been following his case studies for a few years, but when she finally decided that it’s time for her to get the surgery done, she chose someone else. After all, America sounds more glamorous than Indonesia. Bangkok still sounds more advanced than Medan. Moreover, the 3rd surgeon who performed her abdominal liposuction in Bangkok, is a professor of plastic surgery, and he charged a lot cheaper than what Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie charged! Who does not want something good and cheap?

Finally, after having had 3 sessions of whole body liposuction done by supposedly more glamorous and more advanced surgeons in more developed countries, with cheaper surgery fee, she is convinced that the only person who can perform revision liposuction for her is the King of Liposuction in Medan. She also had fat transfer to her breasts during her previous liposuction sessions. As her left breast appears more drooping now, she requests to have fat aspirated from the lower part of her left breast to make it less heavy and hence, less drooping. Half way through the surgery, she decides that she also wants to have autologous fat grafting breasts augmentation.

Here is a list of her case studies:

  1. Patient No. 510: Result of conventional, non-3D arms liposuction in the United States
  2. Patient No. 510: Result of conventional, non-3D thighs liposuction in Ohio
  3. Patient No. 510: Abdominal liposuction disaster in Bangkok
  4. Patient No. 510, Session 1: Revision arms liposuction and fat grafting to breasts and inner thighs

Video 4: Pre-op marking of the upper body

Video 5: Awake syringe liposuction under local anesthesia by Dr Arthur Tjandra

Video 6: Completion of fat grafting to left inner thigh. Comparison between right and left inner thighs, after liposuction in Cleveland, and after fat grafting in Medan

Video 7: Completion of left arm liposuction. Comparison between right and left arms, after liposuction in Michigan and after liposuction in Medan

Video 8: Completion of fat grafting to right inner thigh

Video 9: Fat injection into right breast

Video 10: Completion of revision arms liposuction and fat injection into both breasts

Video 11: Completion of fat injection into both inner thighs to correct over-suctioning done in Cleveland

Video 12: Result of revision arms liposuction and fat injection to breasts, the next day

Video 13: Result of fat injection into both inner thighs, the next day


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