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Chee-bye: poetic term used in Hokkien (Chinese dialect) classical literature for vulva/female external genitalia. Although traditionally used in classical poems, this term is still very commonly used in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia today, as an alternative of the more (perceived) vulgar term of vagina or genital.

This case study is the perfect illustration of what can be achieved with Dr Arthur Tjandra’s signature Barbie Chee-Bye-plasty. Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie has previously published many case studies of “Barbie Chee-Bye-plasty” as well as “Superman Lan-Jiao-plasty” on his YouTube channel, however many of these videos were flagged by his competitors, resulting in removal by YouTube.

Barbie Chee-Bye-plasty procedure is a combination of labia minoraplasty and autologous fat grafting to labia majora. Labia minoraplasty is performed to trim away the often dark, ugly and floppy labia minora. Autologous fat injection to the labia majora plumps up the often dry, wrinkled and deflated labia majora, which Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie often likes to refer to as the “granny chee-bye”, the way he often refers to sagging, A-shaped buttocks as “granny butt”.

The only one thing which is perhaps still lacking in this patient in order for her to have the perfect Chee-Bye is the presence of visible stumps of pubic hair. Although it is a far cry from the bushy look she had a few years ago after she shaves now, it would have been much more aesthetically pleasant if she had been completely hairless, with no visible stumps of hair, just like Dr Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie! This can be achieved with laser or even IPL hair removal which is a very old, but effective and extremely cheap technology now!

Video 36: Barbie Chee-Bye-plasty: the most beautiful chee-bye in the world!

Video 37: Autologous fat grafting Chee-Bye rejuvenation


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