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To protect White American surgeons from competition from a Chinese surgeon, YouTube has embarked on a rampage to mass-remove our videos again in August 2020, and even going to the extent of banning us from posting new videos. They have done this in 2016, when they removed some 2,000 of our videos and temporarily closed down our YouTube channel for 1 month. That action prompted us to create this Vlog in late 2016.

Why do we move back to YouTube for video hosting? Well, because we have used up all 2 TB quota on this server to host some 10,000 videos which we posted between 2016 and 2020.

Anyway, this is how Americans deal with competition. Their motto is: “If you can’t compete with them, ban and sanction them!” This is what they do to Huawei. This is what they do to King Arthur! This is but one of the reasons they keep removing our videos. There are 2 other reasons why they keep doing so. To find out, please read: Why does YouTube keep removing your videos?

You may want to learn from the Americans, if you feel that you cannot compete!


After mass-removing 1,000+ of our videos back in late 2016, which prompted the launch of this Video Blog, YouTube started removing our videos again in early 2020, initially 2 videos a week, culminating in the removal of 4 videos a day in September 2020.






But, why are they so afraid of competition with King Arthur? What is really at stake here?

To learn why YouTube keeps removing our videos, please read: Why YouTube keeps removing all your videos?















In one occasion, YouTube went on a rampage to remove 51 thumbnails from our videos in ONE day!


So, why do they keep harassing Dr Arthur Tjandra? If you search YouTube for liposuction, breasts augmentation and female genital labiaplasty videos, you can hardly find any works done by a Chinese surgeon. Almost all the videos are posted by White American surgeons! Is it because Chinese surgeons do not know how to perform these surgeries? Or is it because YouTube censored and deleted all videos posted by Chinese surgeons?

One of the reasons Donald Trump bans Tik Tok is because he claims that Chinese government is censoring its contents, without giving any evidence at all! Then, what about YouTube? There are tons of evidence that YouTube has been censoring and removing our videos, while allowing the exact same videos being posted by White American surgeons!

If it is indeed YouTube’s policy not to allow breasts to be shown in breasts augmentation videos, or buttocks to be shown in buttocks augmentation videos, then ALL similar videos posted by White American surgeons should also be removed! If it is against YouTube’s policy to have any thumbnail showing women’s bodies, then why allow White American surgeons to use thumbnails showing women’s breasts in their breasts augmentation videos, but remove ours? Why target only Chinese surgeon? This is US’ and American hypocrisy!

While White American surgeons are allowed to post not only breasts augmentation videos on YouTube, but also to show full breasts nudity in their video thumbnails, our videos and thumbnails are being removed. We are forced into self-censorship.


The same goes for our Brazilian Butt Lift videos. The following thumbnail, for instance, was repeatedly removed by YouTube, although we had covered up the buttocks to make it appear as if the woman was wearing a thong. While at the same time, there are many videos showing women wearing g-strings and thongs on YouTube!



So, why are White American surgeons allowed to post thumbnails and videos of women’s buttocks, and many other White American YouTube users are allowed to post thumbnails and videos of women’s buttocks, but ours are being removed?

Can you see YouTube’s hypocrisy now? To find out why they keep targeting and harassing Dr Arthur Tjandra, please read: Why does YouTube keep removing all your videos?

Finally, to prevent YouTube from harassing us continuously, we decided to use non-picture thumbnail on all of our videos:


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  1. Only a Chinese person would be stupid enough to make this type of claim. Just because you all are liars and cheaters, you assume everyone else is as well

    • “Just because you all are liars and cheaters…”, there you go. Another fucking White Supremacist! In case you did not read the warning on our blog and YouTube channel, go ahead and watch this video: Listen carefully to what the patient and nurses yelled out at the end of the video.

    • Thought you were a Yankee, but apparently you are an Australian working for Host Universal Pty Ltd in Brisbane. Another Chinese-hater from Australia, which is not too surprising, as Australia is one of the most racist countries in the world, along with US!

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