And this time, it is permanently! Finally, after waiting 4 years, this day eventually comes (again). Actually, this day would have come much earlier had we not set up this Video Blog, which you are reading now, after YouTube terminated our account back in 2016. So, from 2016 to late 2019, there was a hiatus when we did not publish new video at all on our YouTube channel, after it was reinstated. But, subscriber counts continued to grow from 200,000 to close to 750,000 in these 4 years, even when we did not publish new videos.

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So, why did we go back to publishing videos on YouTube again in late 2019? It was because we had used up 2 Terabytes of space on our server, hosting some 5,000 of our surgical videos! Including the 3,000 videos we have successfully published on YouTube thus far, the 1,000 videos YouTube removed in 2016, and another 100+ videos they removed from January to September 2020, Dr Arthur Tjandra has published a total of approximately 9,000 videos of his surgeries on the internet!

Now, tell us which surgeon in the world has published 9,000 of his surgery videos on the internet for prospective patients to watch? Which surgeon in the world has such confidence and transparency to document every single step of his surgeries, from pre-operative marking to the results, years and even decades later? Which surgeon in the world has the same patients returning to him, again and again over a period of between 2 to 10 years, for average half a dozen surgeries per patient? This is why Dr Arthur Tjandra can document the whole body transformation journey of each of his patient (who gives such written consent), and show the results, many years after the initial surgeries! It is exactly because of his transparency, honesty and confidence, that his videos are being removed by YouTube and his account being terminated (again for the second time)!

At the time YouTube terminated Elixir de Vie channel, our channel was the 5th Most Popular YouTube channel in Singapore!

Based on its lifetime statistics, Elixir de Vie channel was the 33rd Most Subscribed YouTube Channel, and 14th Most Viewed YouTube channel in Singapore, at the time of its termination.

We have already explained why YouTube keeps removing our videos in a separate post: Why does YouTube terminate Elixir de Vie channel? Basically, it is because 99% of surgeons still present their cosmetic surgical results in photo format, or videos made of still photos (which are often doctored/Photoshopped!). Apparently, while most American surgeons publish videos of their surgeries, they present their before and after surgery results in still photo format or video of still photo slide shows! Still photos, as all of us know, are extremely easy to doctor/Photoshop! Dr Arthur Tjandra has raised the bar too high by presenting everything in video format! By closing our channel, YouTube prevents Dr Arthur Tjandra from raising the bar higher.

Remember the tobacco industry cover-up for more than a century? The tobacco industry in the United States was able to pay its way to manipulate scientific research to assert that tobacco smoking was not linked to any health hazards, including lung cancer. They paid and bribed doctors and scientists who conducted those studies. It was not until 2006 that the United States government won a landmark court case, United States v Philip Morris USA Inc., et al., which determined that the tobacco industry had been fraudulently misleading American consumers about the risks and dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke for many decades. Can you believe that prior to 2006, the general consensus in the United States was that tobacco smoking was not harmful to one’s health? This is how powerful, wealthy big corporations are, in the United States!

Reference: Journal of the American Medical Association; Smokescreen: The Truth Behind the Tobacco Industry Cover-Up

It was not until 2018, 12 years after the court ruling, that the United States government was able to enforce the court order, which was for tobacco companies to issue corrective statements to their original fraudulent claims that tobacco smoking was harmless, on their websites and cigarettes packs. This is an evidence that the United States is not a democracy but an oligarchy, where money talks. Can you believe that it was not until 2018 that Americans were told that smoking is harmful? When do you know that smoking is harmful and can cause lung cancer? 2018? Or before that?

The liposuction industry has a lot to lose because Dr Arthur Tjandra keeps telling the world that liposuction can be performed with just a cheap $2 plastic syringe. The liposuction industry does not want prospective patients to learn this fact! It is going to cost them billions of dollars in lost profit each year, as per the documents we presented in the above post, if prospective patients demanded for syringe liposuction instead of liposuction performed with mechanical devices offered by almost ALL surgeons in the world! Not only does Dr Arthur Tjandra show that liposuction can be performed with just a syringe, but Dr Arthur Tjandra even goes on to show that it can produce even much better results than a $100,000 device! His case studies show many patients from major cities in the world, such as London, Paris, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Sydney, Melbourne, flying all the way to a second-tier city (Medan) in a third world country (Indonesia) to look for him for revision surgeries! To back this claim up, he has published some 8,600 videos across his YouTube channel and this Vlog!

Another example of how the rich and powerful controls the narratives and what the public is allowed to know in the United States, is the case of Dr Bennet Omalu. It was not until 2005, that a Nigerian immigrant doctor alerted Americans to the implications of repeated head trauma on football players, which led to change in brain structure, cognitive and intellectual impairment, destitution, mood disorders, depression, and death; a condition he called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. For many decades prior to this, the National Football League suppressed this information by paying top doctors to be on its side, stating that American football was extremely safe and repeated head traumas had no implications whatsoever on the players’ brains. When Dr Omalu published his findings in medical journal, NFL intimidated him, demanding him to retract his published research and issue a statement that he fabricated the findings. Many top specialists were standing behind NFL, against this Nigerian immigrant. To make long story short, it was not until 2016, that the mainstream professional medical bodies and the NFL finally admitted that repeated head trauma did cause brain damage. That was 11 years after Dr Omalu published his findings. Dr Omalu finally received his US citizenship in 2015, after first arriving in US in 1994. Can you believe that not one American doctor knew that repeated head injuries could lead to brain damage, before this immigrant Nigerian doctor came along? Seriously?

Reference: Wikipedia: Bennet Omalu

Lastly, which is probably the most important reason is, Dr Arthur Tjandra is an ethnic Chinese surgeon! America has come to a stage that all competitions, especially from the Chinese, must be eliminated at all costs, with its America First and Make America Great Again policy!

Although YouTube may think they are protecting American surgeons and businesses (liposuction devices manufacturers), they are actually harming American consumers/patients with this information censorship. If you looked at the liposuction revision case studies we had published on this Vlog, many of the patients who had come to visit Dr Arthur Tjandra for revision surgeries were American citizens, who had their primary surgeries done in the United States, before flying to Indonesia to get revision surgeries done, successfully! By terminating our channel, and censoring our videos by removing them, YouTube deprives American patients from a competent surgeon they deserve! By terminating our channel and censoring our videos by removing them, YouTube controls what consumers are allowed and not allowed to learn. The fact is Dr Arthur Tjandra is one of the only two surgeons in the world who offer syringe liposuction. The other one is A/Professor Fong Poh Him in Singapore. We have explained in great detail in both this Vlog and our website, the advantages of syringe liposuction compared to other power-assisted liposuction (PAL) with various devices. By terminating our channel and removing our videos, YouTube basically does not want consumers to learn about the existence of syringe liposuction. This action violates the US Anti Trust or Anti Competition Law!

Moving forward, this Vlog will continue to serve as a major platform to showcase Dr Arthur Tjandra’s works. Due to limited space and high cost of hosting our own contents, we may have to showcase our results in photo format, just like what other surgeons do, again. But, the 9,000 videos we have published so far, 3,500 of which have been removed by YouTube, are testimonies of Dr Arthur Tjandra’s excellent works and his commitment to always produce excellent results for his patients, as well as to show surgical results as they truly are, instead of doctored (Photoshopped) results, like what most surgeons do!

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  1. Yeah, I just saw it. Why do you post them on youtube then? Post them here.

    • We believe the second paragraph of this post answers your query.

      • Yes, I must have missed it. I’m sure there are other video hosting sites.

        Also, maybe the reason youtube took you down is that you used the word “Sexy”. Just a thought

  2. Your spirit as a plastic sergeon who pursues the beauty of each human being is very sublime and your skills are also the best. always cheer your journey.

    • In today’s world, capitalists control the media, hence the narratives. They decide what consumers and public are allowed to learn. Most of the time, they feed consumers and public misinformation. The kind of skill required to produce results you see in the 8,600 videos we have published thus far, is honed through many years of training and repeated practice on tens of thousands of patients. An innate talent and a pair of artistic eyes and hands also play a big role. Many plastic surgeons do not have artistic eyes and hands. They know the technicality of a surgery, every step of it. But, they can never produce artistically-pleasant result. Artists are most of the time, not the result of training. They are born artists! There will not be another Michelangelo in many decades, in fact, centuries to come. It is not possible to replicate a Michelangelo. However, the capitalists want consumers to believe that it is possible to replicate Michelangelo as long as you have the right device. They want consumers to believe that such good results can be re-produced as many times as you like, as long as you use a particular mechanical device. A device they manufacture! The capitalists want consumers to believe that any surgeon can produce such good result as long as he/she uses a certain device to perform liposuction. This is why our videos which show how Dr Arthur Tjandra performs liposuction with only a plastic syringe which costs only $2 is a huge threat to their business existence and model! They are selling liposuction devices for tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars! Surgeons, too, are advertising the expensive devices they use, instead of showcasing their skill. This is why YouTube must terminate our channel at all costs! YouTube is but a platform controlled by and used to serve the narratives of capitalists. And, unfortunately, we live in a capitalism world!

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