Due to hyper-inflation, and the fact that although we are charging a lot less than plastic surgeons in Jakarta but we produce much better results, we will be revising our surgery fees on 1st Jan 2022.

It has recently come to our attention that plastic surgeons in Jakarta are charging the same rates as plastic surgeons in Singapore, when a patient came to us for revision liposuction. We will be publishing her case study pretty soon.

It makes no sense for us to charge lower to perform a revision surgery for a botched surgery when the surgeon who performed the botched surgery actually charged more than what Dr Arthur Tjandra charged to perform a revision surgery to correct it.

The last time we increased our surgery fees was on 1st Jan 2019. We offered 50% Covid-19 discount in 2020, but there was hardly any taker, as Indonesia closed its border. Hence, it is high time we revised our surgery fees, especially during times of hyper-inflation like this.

The new surgery fees will be charged based on when the surgeries are performed, not when the surgery bookings are made. Therefore, although surgery booking is made in 2021, but if the surgery is performed in 2022, you will be charged the new fees.

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